Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cookie Swap

Way back in January Brittney came up with the idea to host a cookie swap with a twist! So we met, planned and planned some more and our Cookie Swap Contest was born. It was held on February 5th 2011 and everyone that attended LOVED it! It has officially become our first annual event!

Here is the invite:
***Courtesy of Brittney and the super talented Chelsey from PINK FIG PHOTOGRAPHY (be sure to check out Chelsey's website!)***

The Cookie Swap part was just like any other, make any cookie of choice and bring to swap with everyone else's yummy cookies. The contest part was the twist! We asked everyone to come with a creative way to display their cookies, a decorated card with the name of their cookies, their recipe and an apron to wear throughout the evening. As everyone arrived they were given an area to set up their displays and cookies and given a number. We then handed out the voting sheets and asked everyone to walk around and checkout the displays and try out the cookies!

We had them vote on the following categories:
*Best Cookie Place Setting (cookie name card)
*Best Cookie Presentation
*Fanciest Cookie Plate
*Best Apron
*Best Cookie Taste

Here are the winners:

It was such a blast! I think next years is going to be AMAZING now that we have done it once and know what we need to fix/change and everyone now has a better idea of how crazy they can be with their displays and cookies. This is one party you don't want to miss! We all headed home with an overabundance of to die for cookies which meant those we left at home didn't mind so much that we had snuck out for a bit :) We are definitely looking forward to the next one in February and hope you are too!
***if you attended this years cookie swap contest please feel free to give us any feedback. And let everyone know how much fun you had! Thanks!***


~ Lindsey

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