Sunday, August 21, 2011

{Welcome to 3 Peas and a Party}

As you probably can agree we all have very busy lives.  Whether it's school, work or kids that occupy your is busy!  Sometimes so busy that we don't get around to planning and spending time with our girlfriends, crafting or my favorite (Brittney) scrapbooking!  :)
That is where 3 Peas and a Party come in!  We'll do the planning you just make the room in your schedule!  Lindsey, Andria and I decided we wanted to put together some fun ways to get together as women to share our creativity with each other and get to know each other better.
At times, life in general can be overwhelming and sometimes you need an inexpensive escape.  Whether it is crafting, sharing ideas as women or just laughing and relaxing...that is the point of 3 Peas and a Party.  A fun escape every quarter or so to enjoy you!  To do something for you!
Please join us, or if you have already been to one of our parties, continue to join us for some FUN outside the home, but most importantly to share your talents and learn from others.
Let's express our creativity together!

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