Sunday, August 28, 2011

Q-tip Party

What is a Q-tip party you ask? Well, we can't quite figure out ourselves exactly how this came about BUT we think it ended up being quite genius :) Some how when we were brainstorming for our next party, q-tips came up and we couldn't quite let it go and so the Q-tip party was born. Our goal was to plan an evening get together that would be a little more "chill" but wanted everyone to walk away with something useful. Sticking to that idea and the crazy q-tips we came up with idea to exchange Quick Tips! We are so grateful to all our friends and family that went along with it and made the party such a success.

The invitation:

We asked everyone to bring a finger food to share and come prepared to share any quick tip that they have found helpful in their day to day life. To start the q-tip party off we played a little trivia game, we found a bunch of random uses for q-tips online and decided to see how many everyone could guess. It was interesting to hear everyone's guesses and to see how many different ways a simple q-tip can be used.
We ended up with SO many great quick tips! I know I have used several of them myself and have heard from others that attended they too are using many of the q-tips! I would say the Q-tip party was a success :) 


The Quick Tips: COMING SOON


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